Van Halen and Brown M&Ms

In a poll taken at our Brooklyn-based WeWork, 40% of those surveyed had never heard the rationale of why 1980s supergroup Van Halen stipulated that there could be no brown M&Ms in the M&M bowl required backstage. We want to reduce that percentage because there was a method to Van Halen’s madness that remains highly relevant in today’s business world. Let David Lee Roth explain.



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Robert Jaeger

Rob provides high-level consulting and advisory services to assist C-level management teams with product strategy and development, operational strategy, business development and technology enhancements. He currently advises several early-stage Fintech companies. Previously, Rob was a Managing Director at Markit, where he led the equity division. He joined Markit after a successful exit (via IP sale) of ETF Consulting Group, which he founded after working as a proprietary trader at Goldman Sachs and portfolio manager at WG Trading Company. Rob received his B.A. in Finance from Washington University in St. Louis.